The Right Time to Take Up a Fun Sport

Many people in modern, developed countries tend to spend a lot of their time indoors, often around electronic screens. This isn’t entirely healthy, though, and the human body is in fact designed to move and burn calories every day. Biologically, people are still geared for the caveman life. Back then, unlike tree-dependent apes, early hominids walked on two legs and chased game animals for food. These early humans not only used weapons like spears, but also ran a lot and would wear out a game animal just by chasing it all day. Today, no one is chasing their dinner, but the human body is still built to move. It’s even safe to say that the human body rewards a person for exercise and punishes them for sedentary behavior. Current rates of American obesity, sleep and mood issues, and more are symptoms of our too-sedentary lifestyle. The good news is that it’s never too late to get out there and start moving. All kinds of sports and outdoor activities beckon, and there’s a big industry out there for sporting goods, hunting gear, archery gear, and more. What are some fun activities to try? When is it time for sporting goods?

Why Obesity Happens

Modern Americans are often too sedentary, both kids and adults alike. The American Heart Association and the CDC have set public guidelines for recommended daily and weekly exercise, but today, many people fall short. Kids are supposed to exercise to build muscle and develop gross motor skills that in turn enhance brain and mental development. But too many kids and teenagers are spending hours each day, even school days, on handheld game devices, PCs, or in front of a television. Parents often agree in surveys that they want their kids to be more active, but they don’t always do something about this. Adults, meanwhile, often have office jobs that involve no exercise, and they too fail to meet exercise quotas. When all this is combined with bad diets such as sugary and fatty fast food and processed food, it adds up. Excess calories and sedentary lifestyles go against the natural imperative to exercise, leading to weight gain, mood disorders, sleep issues, and more. But something can be done.

Get Moving

Any able-bodied American can get up and start moving, such as playing sports or outdoor activities like rock climbing or scuba diving. A person can launch a healthy diet and exercise routine, and Americans are urged to first see their doctor and a nutritionist to make sure that this is done properly. Those with health complications such as a bad heart, back issues, recent surgery, or diabetes may want to take caution.

Otherwise, a person is ready to get started. A good diet means eliminating all fast food and processed food, and replacing it all with whole and natural foods. Whole grain and wheat, cheese and milk, eggs, fish, and chicken provide carbs and protein. A good diet is rounded out with fruits and vegetables for natural sugars and starch, and all this can also open up fun new cooking ideas.

Good eating is just the start. A person can try out all kinds of sports, outdoor activities, or cardio as they like. Sporting goods can be found at a local retailer, such as soccer or basketballs, jerseys, breathable shorts and under-shirts, good shoes, and more. Some brands are known for providing a lot of athlete-friendly clothing. A person may try popular sports such as football, soccer, basketball, or hockey not only for exercise, but also for the fun of the sport and learning teamwork. In fact, sports are a common tool for teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, and courage to kids, and some adults may want to refresh these lessons for themselves.

Sporting goods extend to cardio and outdoor work, too. Sporting goods may include a bicycle and its accessories, or swimwear for a pool, or even hiking boots or jogging shoes. Or, a person may get the right gear for rock climbing, kayaking, and more. Going out into the wilderness can also be therapeutic, a break from busy urban life. Reconnecting with nature and breathing fresh air can have a positive mental effect for many people. Some may need it more than they even realize.

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