Wedding Sets Rings of Love

“Will you marry me?” All around the world, this is one of the sweetest questions anyone could ever ask. And, the excitement of a marriage proposal often brings the adventure of shopping for a wedding set, that is a pair of rings. A wedding set is made up of an engagement ring and wedding ring designed to complement each other and go together.

Choosing a wedding set is an exciting time for a bride. There are so many options available! Depending on taste and budget, the ideal set can be found. Jewelry shopping can be done online, through a catalog or in person by visiting stores in person.

Walking into a jewelry store has been compared to walking into a treasure chest, or even a candy store for grown-ups. From colorful sparkling gemstones designed in shimmering gold and silver, designer jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, estate items, earrings, men’s watches and pendants– all these delightful treasures gleam and dazzle the eye. But by far, the most glamorous, alluring and desirable pieces of all are those with diamonds–the proverbial ‘girl’s best friend’–and in particular, diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and, of course, rings.

Of all the gemstones diamonds conjure up images of love. With that in mind, thoughts naturally turn to romance, making diamonds the ideal stone for wedding sets. In fact, diamonds are the most romantic and the most sought after stone for wedding sets: of all American brides, more than 75% have a diamond engagement ring set in gold.

Much artistry and much science goes into the creation of a piece of jewelry. When selecting a diamond there are four main factors to consider in determining how good it is: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. With all the choices of stones–from sapphires, to rubies, emeralds, pearls and even black diamonds–pieces are designed in classic, contemporary and vintage styles and more. Custom pieces and designer jewelry are also available. The happy couple could even find coordinating wedding sets!

When you think about it, a gift of jewelry is one of the most personal, intimate and emotional gifts a giver could offer. It is so significant and sentimental! The recipient of a gift of jewelry will wear that piece in direct contact with their skin, as a part of themselves, and they be forever reminded of the one who chose such a treasure for them. How romantic!

And perhaps the most romantic jewelry is wedding ring sets. Engagement rings and wedding rings are available in myriad styles and price ranges. So no matter what the happy couple is looking for in a wedding set, a visit to a jewelry story will be an exciting and informative shopping trip, creating happy memories to last forever.

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