What Are You Wearing to This Weekend’s Football Game?

It is a little embarrassing to admit, but the ponytail caps are probably your favorite part of the football season. You really do try to watch the games, but now that your son has graduated high school and is not playing football in college, you pretty much go to the games to socialize.

Gone is the stress of worrying about him getting hurt. Gone are the responsibilities of having to sell 50/50 raffle. Gone are the trips to the field for Parent’s Night, Senior Night, and Homecoming. Now, you get to go to the games for fun. You get to go to the game to talk to friends. You get to go to the game to show off your latest outfit. An outfit that does not even have to be school colors any more.

Of course, you watch the game a little bit, but now that your son is not playing you do not feel like you have to pay attention to every single play. You can go to the concession stand more often. You can spend more time talking about the ponytail caps that you wear. The boots that you recently bought. The games are merely a platform for showing off your latest fall weather purchase.
The Latest Fall Fashions Provide a Great Way to Look Your Best at the Weekend Football Games

Cooler weather provides a reason to buy more outfits for the big game this weekend. From long sleeve jersey knit shirts to the warmest knit beanies, there are a number of options to wear your favorite team colors, as well as stay warm. It may not seem like the purchases you make are really all that expensive, so you might be surprised to know that It is estimated that the average woman, someone with a life expectancy of 80, will spend as much as $125,000 in a lifetime on clothing and accessories.

In spite of this, however, as many as 60% of women struggle to find a cute new look on a daily basis. Perhaps this is the reason that so many women buy one more ponytail cap, even when you already have a pretty big selection at home!

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