Why What You Wear To Sleep Matters

Sleep is important, there’s no doubt about it. The quality of sleep that you get depends on a number of factors – some within our control and some outside of it. From the temperature of your room to what you eat for dinner and how much you limit you screen time (it is recommended not to look at screens for up to thirty minutes before you attempt to go to sleep), it is important to consider a number of factors. Another factor for sleep involves what type of pajamas you wear. Some will prefer a white night shirt or oversized t shirts while other are partial to cute nightgowns.

Cute nightgowns can be ideal for the customer who is looking to feel both cute and comfortable. Many cute nightgowns have a high thread count, making them ideal for sleeping comfortably. The fabric of cute nightgowns matters as well – more than many realize. High quality cute nightgowns may include Victorian cotton nightgowns or even silk nightgowns. A cute cotton dress that is soft and comfortable can even double as a cute nightgown, and vice versa. For those who are looking to get as much use out of their clothes as possible, this is often an ideal way to utilize cute nightgowns to their fullest extent.

Cute nightgowns are also often monogrammed. Monogramming is a popular practice dating as far back as 1200 AD that involves the embroidery of typically all three initials that a person has (though less, of course, if they do not have a middle name). A traditional monogram will range from one to three letters in most parts of the world, and this lettering is likely to be done in a number of different fonts and styles. In the southern part of the United States, for instance, it is very common to find monograms where the middle initial is the largest and is bracketed by the first and last initials.

Aside from cute nightgowns, the quality of your sheets also matters to those who are looking to get as restful a night of sleep as is possible. As anyone who has slept on a pair of scratchy and uncomfortable sheets can attest to, they do not lend themselves easily to restfulness. Those who are looking for high quality sheets should search for sheets with a high thread count. As with cute pajamas, a high thread count means that a higher number of threads have been woven in to each square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable – as well as durable – your sheets are likely to be.

The smell of your sheets is also important to a restful sleep. Sheets that have not been washed regularly are not only likely to be less soft, but are also more likely to be lacking in a fresh scent. Washing or switching out your high thread count sheets on a bi weekly or weekly basis will help to keep them smelling fresh. And this fresh smell is important, as as many as seventy five percent – or three quarters – of all people say that sleeping on sheets that are fresh helps them to sleep better and more deeply.

Sleep is important, there’s no denying it. Without a good night of quality sleep, many of us find ourselves unable to function as we normally would, not to mention considerably more irritable and cranky than we would otherwise be. Fortunately, there are many steps that we can take towards that ideal night of sleep. Some include wearing comfortable sleepwear, such as cute cotton nightgowns. Having clean and fresh sheets is another easy change to make for those who are struggling to get a good night of sleep, as well as choosing sheets and sleepwear that have a high thread count.

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