Why You Should Consider a Custom Engagement Ring

Custom jewelry

A proposal can be nerve-wracking by nature, but going into it with the confidence of holding a beautiful engagement ring can make all the difference. Most women dream of their wedding day, and having a stunning engagement ring along the way is a crucial part of the process. Choosing between the types of engagement rings out there can be a bit daunting, but custom jewelry design is always an option as well.

Diamonds are still the go-to choice for engagement rings, and about one-third of the people buying diamond jewelry are prepared to spend over $1,000 to get the perfect one. In the past, it was standard to use natural diamonds, but these days the trend has veered more towards sustainability. For that reason, around 80 percent of millennials are now comfortable buying diamonds that have been grown in a lab.

There are many different options out there these days when it comes to choosing a great engagement ring, but many people prefer one that is a custom made. A custom made engagement ring is going to guarantee that no one else out there has anything like it. That can feel important when it comes to fine jewelry because no bride wants to feel generic or tire of the engagement ring that marks such a special time in her life.

Many fine jewelry shops will be happy to work with you on creating a custom engagement ring or wedding band. The best bridal jewelers will listen to your needs and hopes as well as have suggestions for how to make a stunning and unique final result.

Wedding rings should be stunning as well, no matter if they’re small or large. For many brides, it is customary to get an engagement ring at the time of the engagement, and then to add on a wedding band during the actual wedding ceremony. Some people like to keep it simple with the wedding rings, while others like to use it as an opportunity to add another round of diamonds to complement the engagement ring. The type of wedding ring chosen is always a personal choice based on aesthetics.

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