Three Ways Hi Visibility Long Sleeve Shirts Can Protect Construction Workers

Hi vis rain gear

When working on the field, it is important for construction workers to remain visible at all times. This is not always easy to achieve. Workers who are not easily spotted by others can find themselves involved in accidents, some even costing them their lives. Those who are new to doing construction work are especially at risk, with first-time employees being at least three likely to find themselves involved in an accident of some kind during their first month of employment. High visibility long sleeve shirts can protect against these problems and several others. Read on to discover why every employee should have one.

Hi Vis Work Shirts Make Workers Easy to Spot From a Distance

Workers who choose to protect themselves by wearing hi vis work shirts don?t have to worry about others not being able to spot them from far away. When others are driving, or workers are high up some place that is not easy to see, having high visibility button down shirts or other types of shirts can be useful in allowing them to be seen. Since earplugs are commonly worn on construction sites to help workers preserve their hearing and protect from hearing damage that can occur at 85 decibels, it makes sense that others would not be able to hear other workers if they called out. In this case, hi visibility long sleeve shirts make a safe and viable option that can protect anyone out in the field.

There is More Than One Option When It Comes to Visible Shirts

There is no reason to feel stuck when trying to choose high visibility long sleeve shirts that will make workers easy to spot. There are many options that are practical for all sorts of seasons and situations, such as high visibility rain jackets and fluorescent vests for hot summer days. For individuals that have to work on roads during the hot summer season, or those that must work on a construction site in the rain, these options can help them stay warm or cool, protected from the elements, and allow them to be seen so they do not run the risk of being involved in an accident.

High Visibility Long Sleeve Shirts Can Protect From Injuries

Wearing a long sleeve shirt might seem counterproductive when one is working on a construction site. However, these shirts can offer added protection, giving the individuals an extra safety measure from cuts and other possible problems they might run into. They are especially useful for new employees, who are not familiar with working in such an environment. Newer employees tend to be involved in nonfatal injuries as well, which was common for individuals who had finished less than a year of service to the company. In a field such as construction, staying safe at all times is the most important thing one can do, and it is worthwhile to use any means possible to prevent an accident.

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