Your Ultimate Wedding Beauty Checklist

Congratulations, you’re getting married. Whether it’s your first time or not, getting engrossed in all the planning and wanting every detail to be just right, especially if you’re going all out for a big event, is easy. From the venue, cake, flowers, decor, bridal team colors, the caterers, the minister, your dress and accessories, right down to the minutest things.

Even with a great wedding planner, you’ll probably recheck everything. And who can blame you? You’ve probably been dreaming of this day since you became aware of the concept of weddings and marriage. Amid all that planning, you can get absorbed to the point of forgetting or downplaying the most important thing, you.

Most of the wedding plans start happening even more than six months out, which is wise for various reasons, and so should you, regarding all your beauty milestones to get you in blushing bride shape. Here is a bridal wedding beauty checklist to prepare you for your unforgettable walk down the aisle.

1. Facial

For that lovely wedding glow, your skin has got to be at the top of your wedding beauty checklist. The groom and everyone’s highlight at the wedding will be to catch a good glimpse of the bride, so all eyes will be on you. You want to feel beautiful and confident to show off all of your elegance, and not forgetting, look great for your photos, which will freeze those memories for a long time.

You’ll want to start at least three months out, especially if you have problems with acne or any other skin condition that might take some work and time before you can see your desired results. You should see a dermatologist early on to determine the best course of treatment. If your skin has no major conditions, you can still get rid of scars, sun spots, wrinkles, and more, or get a smoother and brighter look in a medical spa, a one-stop shop for all your skincare regimens.

Get the hydra facial if you get nothing else from med spas. It’s a great maintenance procedure that deep cleans, extracts, exfoliates, hydrates, and infuses vitamins into your skin. The attendant will then use red and blue lights to drive the products deeper and help calm the redness. It only takes about twenty to thirty minutes from your busy schedule to get glowing skin. Hydra facials have been voted by reputable women’s magazines, like Elle fashion magazine, as the number one procedure to do in preparation for your wedding.

If you’re self-conscious about some facial features, you can enhance them. However, don’t do something dramatic to the point of looking like a completely different person, but just little things like getting a lip filler, some Juvederm fillers underneath your eyes and cheek, along with some botox injections to smooth out your smile and frown lines. Some evidence has shown that botox reduces acne as a side effect; how wonderful, right? If you’re worried about spider veins, which often form around the nose, worry not because you can get a Yag laser to take care of that. You can also get laser treatment for any facial and neck hair removal.

Lastly, consider micro blading for your eyebrows, so you don’t have to think of drawing on your brows if you plan on doing your make-up on that day. Whether hiring a pro or doing your make-up, get a test look and take photos to see how your final look will turn out on camera. These procedures are not age or gender specific; you could tag your fiance right along.

2. Eye Care

This might sound odd for your wedding beauty checklist, but it’s not. If you wear glasses, no matter how chic you may look in them on other days, you don’t want to cover up your beautiful face at the wedding. You also want to be carefree to dance and not constantly worry about cleaning them while showing off your face that you’ve been pampering. However, this doesn’t mean you should risk tripping over yourself on your big day at the expense of a lovely face. There’s a solution for your near or farsightedness for the long haul.

Lasik eye surgery is a laser surgery that improves and corrects vision by modifying the cornea and improving its function. It only takes about ten minutes for each eye. The eyes will initially burn and itch and be highly sensitive to light. However, your eyes will begin to heal just twenty-four hours after the procedure, but it takes about two to three months for the eyes to heal completely and for your vision to correct.

You’ll also need regular check-ups, personal care, and protection to avoid infections, so you should make an appointment as early as possible. Getting a reputable professional for this delicate job is crucial. Lasik is also ideal for the groom, so share this tip with them.

3. Dental Care

Your wedding will be among the happiest days of your life. You want your teeth to be gleaming as you have fun and share laughs with family and friends. This is why you should include dental care in your wedding beauty checklist.

Teeth whitening is an easy procedure, and you can see some significant results with just one session, but for a truly white smile, try two sessions before the big day. If you’re on a budget or need to be after seeing that catering bill, consider white stripes or whitening toothpaste. A widely recommended one is Colgate optic white, which not only whitens over a few weeks but also won’t hurt your teeth.

Revolutions in dentistry have made available some wonderful options for getting straight teeth without the ugly wires and the pain of traditional braces or having to wear an appliance round the clock while costing far less. The healthy start system, a series of soft removable mouth guard-like oral appliances that you wear only at night, prevents the over-eruption of the front adult teeth and can help you achieve this. If you breathe through your mouth during sleep, it’s known as nighttime mouth-breathing.

This reduces oxygenated airflow, affecting the body’s ability to detoxify and recharge. This appliance can help improve the quality of your sleep by correctly positioning the tongue and jaw to maximize airflow and promote nasal breathing. This also addresses snoring, which is a plus for you even after the wedding. Among your wedding beauty checklist, it’s age-old wisdom to factor in your beauty sleep.

4. Hair

If you’re open to taking risks, consider flaunting a new hair color or cut at your wedding. Be sure to give it a few test runs and get feedback or recommendations from your stylist, friends, family, or a bridal website. Remember that your fiance already loves how you look, so don’t give him a huge surprise by cutting off all your long hair or getting crazy with your hair color.

If you want to play safe, you can get some highlights on a few strands of your hair and touch them up two weeks before the wedding to make them look more natural. You could also add some hair extensions that can be clipped on or sewn in. This will make your hair look fuller, longer, and bouncier on that day.

Whether you color your hair or not, now’s the time to give it extra TLC. You can visit your salon for a deep conditioning treatment or DIY it by adding your mega-hydrator of choice to damp hair. Mix a few drops of vitamin E with your preferred conditioner or hair mask for home use. Establish a conditioning plan around your wedding date. If your hair is in bad shape, a weekly or biweekly treatment will do.

5. Nails

Getting your nails done is a must-have in your wedding beauty checklist. You can treat yourself to a nice manicure and pedicure just a day before the wedding. Here’s a clever tip: bring your polish to the saloon/spa so you can fix it easily if you get a chip or a smug later on. You can never go wrong with a classic pink or something soft like a pale gray-blue. You can still experiment with different colors matching your taste and wedding accessories. When your spouse finally puts a ring on it, you want those nails to be stunning.

6. Body

Most brides often need to fit into their wedding dresses. This is because they usually get their wedding dress a size or two smaller for several reasons, like a mix-up during shipping or oversight when ordering. Unfitting wedding dresses have given some brides what can be labeled as bridal psychosis, as they go on a crazy rampage trying to lose weight or inches off their waistline in an impossible timeline. It’s important to have your dress fitted by a professional tailor/designer and make it larger than you already are because dresses can always be smaller but never bigger. If you intend to lose weight before your wedding, don’t try to motivate yourself by getting a smaller dress.

Instead, enroll in a gym/fitness class six months before the big day. Whatever your goal is, tightening, toning, shredding, or packing, get a good trainer and pace yourself well so that you enjoy your new lifestyle rather than killing your self-esteem in the process. Start eating healthy and set reasonable goals you can achieve in the time you have. In your wedding beauty checklist for body goals, aim at getting healthier rather than just getting slimmer to fit into a dress. Get a dress for your body and not the other way around.

On your big day, consider adding a body wash to your shower regimen to rid your body of any filth, grime, or sweat accumulated over the course of the day. If your skin is prone to breakouts, get a salicylic acid wash. If it seems dull, consider a vitamin C product.

If you’re stressing about your wedding day, get a lavender-scented body wash. Remember to moisturize to maintain hydrated skin. If your grooming routine involves hair removal, this is a great excuse to see a professional.

7. Therapy

We all know that beauty isn’t just about the physical. Including therapy sessions in your wedding beauty checklist to help you process your thoughts is a good idea. Considering you’re making a huge life adjustment and a life-altering decision, it’s bound to bring its share of mixed feelings. There’s also the pressure that builds from all the planning and bombardment from so many small and big decisions that must be made. While maintaining peace among your bridesmaids and all the people speaking into your ears.

Couples’ biggest fights in collaborating on this first, big project are not uncommon. Many weddings are called off due to such dynamics that can seem insurmountable. The amount of stress in this preparation time can sometimes be way more than you can bear by yourself, and getting the right kind of help to do that is not wrong; it’s actually a great idea. You’ll be able to make more critical and creative decisions when you’re calmer and more composed. You could go in together with your fiance or book sessions just for you.

As you approach your wedding day and having checked off most of your wedding beauty checklist, keep your focus on the main goal of the day, which is you saying I do to the love of your life in front of your loved ones, who’ll also be there to support and celebrate you. Look good and feel good, and your energy will radiate to all your guests on that day. You similarly will be a standard for some young girls who dream of their weddings, so make it count in every way that you possibly can and enjoy yourself while at it.

Even after you’re no longer a single lady, continue with some of these regimens on your wedding beauty checklist. You want your spouse to be love-struck by you every day for the rest of your lives together, so take good care of yourself.

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