2018 Fall and Winter Girls’ Fashion Trends

It’s never easy keeping up with the latest in modern girls fashion trends. What’s popular changes on a dime, and if you happen to be outside of school, it can be all too easy to fall behind and catch yourself sporting something majorly uncool. With cooler weather already here, we know winter isn’t far behind. Here are some trendy items to get ahold of this winter to stay up with all the current trends.

Knitted Beanies

Beanies are an eternally cool item of clothing that can be made to match nearly any winter outfit. Hand-knitted beanies have that extra charm that can be exactly what’s needed to tie together your winter outdoor ensemble. With colors ranging pretty much as far as you can imagine, there’s no doubt you can find the perfect hat to match your sleek winter jacket.

Ponytail Caps

Yep! Ponytails are back in style once again. If you want to rock a ponytail in the dead of winter without freezing your head off, you might want to look into these special kinds of beanies. Ponytail caps allow you to wear your ponytail through the hat, warming your head while still letting your hair avoid being bunched up in a warm hat. Ponytail caps are stylish and useful, making them a perfect gift or a smart winter investment for the fashion forward.

Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

The fact is, plaid is never going out of style. It may take on different forms and colors, but this staple pattern of fall and winter fashion likely won’t ever fall out of style. Plaid hats, skirts or even jackets can be an excellent addition to an autumn/winter wardrobe, giving a classic touch to an otherwise modern outfit, or even just to stay as warm as humanly possible.


We all know that staying warm is more important than looking cool, but why not do both? With some fashionable leggings, you’re able to rock a dress or skirt in the colder months without freezing to the bone, and you can do it in style! Whether you decide to go with a sleek black or maybe something as boisterous as leopard print, leggings are absolutely in vogue this season.


From good old blue jeans to patched jean jackets, the 90’s are back again. This winter, get yourself a personalized jean jacket outfitted with patches of your favorite musical acts, movie logos, brands, art, or anything else you can think of. It’s a great way to add a retro individualized touch to your outfit. As for jeans, everyone knows you can always rock a pair of jeans, and that’s never gonna change.

What do you think of our fashion trends for this winter season? Do you have any additions you think you’d like to include? Share them with us down below in the comments! Thanks and have an excellent day!

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