Tips on How to Revamp Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Fashion is ever changing and each season introduces new changes and trends. Though interest in men’s fashion has certainly increased, the primary market is for women and girls. The average woman (who lives for around 80 years) will spend around $125,000 during her lifetime on clothes and accessories. Autumn is an especially ripe time for shopping, especially for girls fashion. Back-to-school shopping is the second largest shopping time (other than Christmas) for consumers, based on season. You want to stock up on cold weather accessories, new outfits for back to school, and after a hot summer, people are excited about cooler weather clothing like leggings, scarves, and beanies. Logo wear is also a fun way to support brands or show where you shop, and there are plenty of cute graphic tees and tanks out there.

The Shopping Market
Though it’s not just girls fashion that contributes to back-to-school shopping, there’s certainly
tends to be more of a push from girls. Clothing is usually over half of the budget for back-to-school shopping. And over 60% of Americans say they have over ten tee shirts in their closet (and it’s almost guaranteed that women or girls definitely have way over this number).

E-commerce has made a big change in shopping habits as well. Every year, online sales make up a huge bulk of sales during Black Friday and back to school season, making it tough for businesses who don’t offer online shopping to compete.

E-commerce revenue for apparel, footwear, and accessories is estimated to top $90 billion by 2021. Furthermore, parents tend to spend more online (40% as compared to 34%) and spend three quarters more of their time shopping online weekly (seven hours versus four hours).

How to Revamp Your Look for Fall
Around 60% of women have a hard time finding a cute new look every day and it can feel like you have nothing to wear, despite having a closet full of clothes. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective and adding just a few new pieces to your closet can make a big difference working with what you already have.

For girls fashion it can be tougher to build “staples” into a wardrobe, because they’re likely continuing to grow quickly and outgrow the clothes. And girls fashion tends to be more trend-driven; as we get older, we have more of a set style, but when we’re younger, we tend to experiment more.

But finding a few things that fit well — jeans, a simple black dress, flannel, a button down, and so on — can help build a good base wardrobe. Accessories and shoes can help create variety. Getting a few new trendy pieces every season can keep you “up to date” without having change your entire wardrobe every few seasons as the things you’ve bought inevitably go out of style. (And remember, picking items that are “classic” that won’t go out of style or always come back in after awhile is a smart thing to keep in mind when shopping.)

How to Shop on a Budget

Take advantage of sales, whether they’re online or in store. Often, stores may have better sales in store because they’re trying to entice people into brick-and-mortar stores. Some stores might offer a discount if you sign up for promotional e-mails as well. Choosing to enhance your current staples with a few new trendy pieces can also keep your costs down (though if you have growing kids, this is likely impossible).

Try checking out secondhand or thrift stores to see if you can score your favorite brands at a discount. And remember that being patient can often pay off — after awhile, the things you love might show up on sale as new inventory comes in to replace it. Snag those coveted pieces then!

Get creative this season and see how you can make your old pieces new and shop smart! Fashion is a great way to express yourself.

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