4 Tips for Fun Adult Sleepover Parties

Onesie pajamas for kids

Most of us like our sleepwear. At least 74% of American adults wear some kind of pajamas to bed. If you are wondering, nearly 8% go to bed naked and everyone else opts for “other.” Men change their sleepwear more often than women. Guys will wear the same set of pajamas for about two weeks before washing but women wear the same thing for an average of 17 days. Regardless of what kind of pajamas for adult you and your significant other prefer or how often you launder them, they can be a lot of fun.

More and more adults are turning to pajamas for adult that are reminiscent of what they
wore as children. The adult pajamas onesie has made such a splash recently that Jumpin Jammerz hosted a South by Southwest adult footed pajamas themed party. With more than 300 attendees, the fete has been called the “largest footed adult pajamas party in the world” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

If you are thinking about hosting something similar, you do not have to make it that big to make it fun. Here are some tips to hosting a party featuring onesie pajamas for adults.

  • Serve your friends drinks and deserts. Gone are the days when you have to loiter outside a convenience store asking adults to buy you beer. You are over 21, you can buy the ingredients for good cocktails now. Get your circle of friends together in your most fun adult onesie pajamas, make up a batch of fun drinks and serve some childhood favorite baked and ice cream goodies and let the good times roll. Everyone enjoys baking cookies and adding some ice cream. Ice cream can be used to make some fun cocktails, too.
  • Add some adult aspects to your favorite party games. Did you ever play “spin the bottle” or “truth or dare” as a kid? Break out the “Uno,” “Skip-Bo” and whatever others you liked back in the day and add some adult beverages. Think those games were fun then? Try playing while wearing your onesie pajamas for adult and having sipping on a alcoholic beverage. You will never look at “Truth or Dare” the same way again.
  • Give everyone a makeover. Most girls did these at sleepovers in junior high and high school. Doing them as adults has the added advantage of having decent products and some experience with real makeup. Go wild with it! Start with the onsie pajamas for adult, experiment with different facial masks and manicure and pedicure kits. Move on to makeup and hair. Take before and after photos to make the fun complete. Remember, the “selfie” was probably not around back when you had sleepover parties with your best friends and acquaintances during your teenage years but now they can be a fun way to lighten up your slumber party and be goofy.
  • What kind of “adult” entertainment your friends might enjoy. Did your mom have her friends over for Tupperware parties when you were a kid? Take that concept and apply it to “adult” themed stores and you have a different way to spend your night with your friends. Maybe you can pop in your favorite sexy movie or have a movie marathon. You can really spice things up with professional dancers. Think about what your friends might find fun and silly. If you are all sitting around wearing onesie pajamas for adult, well you cannot simultaneously take yourself too seriously, can you?

As adults we have a lot of serious things we have to think about. We have responsibilities at work and home. That does not mean that we cannot take some time out from our adult lives to relive some of our goofier times from when we were younger. Adding some adult aspects to the festivities is one way to update the parties without destroying the sense of whimsy only hanging out in pajamas for adult can create.

If you want to be super “retro” do not post all your photos to Facebook where they can be dangerous. Instead, make scrapbooks that your friends can take home. Then you ca have all of the fun and avoid the embarrassment.

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