Looking for Unusual Wedding Ideas? The Market for Wedding Sparklers is Taking Off Worldwide

Long lasting sparklers

Every wedding should be beautiful, charming, and memorable. Finding ways to personalize the wedding ceremony and reception should always be the goal of any couple who is planning their special day. Being surrounded by friends and family who have watched the relationship grow, taking special vows and exchanging rings is the culmination of years spent getting to know one another — and the beginning of a promising life spent side by side.

Many couples are taking special care to include a sense of romance and fun into their wedding ceremonies, and one of the newest trends is the use of wedding sparklers instead of rice, bubbles, or confetti. When the newlyweds make their way through the crowd and prepare to leave for their honeymoon, they may find themselves getting a very enthusiastic wedding sparkler send off.

Finding long lasting sparklers for adult guests can help create beautiful video memories; experts recommend that children under 15 be given flowers or small lengths of ribbon to wave instead of wire sparklers. Wedding wire sparklers that burn in different colors can allow guests to create a multi-colored rainbow of good wishes for newlyweds. Long lasting wedding sparklers will burn colorfully for more than three minutes, giving couples enough time to make their way past guests and other well-wishers.

Wedding planners may want to secure enough sparklers for about three-quarters of the guest list, experts advise. The average modern wedding has more than 130 guests, and making sure that five to seven adults are ready to light wedding sparklers can make the wedding sparkler surprise come off without a hitch. If outside conditions are windy, guests may want to retire to a sheltered corner to light wedding sparklers, which should perform well even in slightly windy conditions.

Long lasting sparklers can be a surprisingly delightful part of any wedding or commitment ceremony, and some couples are going to great lengths to make their special day memorable and exciting. Instead of playing prerecorded wedding music, some couples contract with local music groups to provide live entertainment before — and during — their wedding ceremonies.

Hearing the music from a live wedding band can make guests of any age excited to “hit the dance floor,” and long lasting sparklers could even be used after midnight to signal the end of the reception festivities. Weddings last for a day, but wedding memories are sure to be treasured for decades to come. Finding affordable and creative wedding solutions can be simple, and couples who invest in live bands and wedding sparklers may find that their friends and families are pleasantly surprised.

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