A Menagerie of Celebrations

Wedding linen rentals

The decor of a party is one of the setting trends for how well the event will go. A lot of different elements compose the decor of a party. The specific type of party will determine all sorts of things, the color, the food, the sequence of events, the furniture. One of the more critically underrated sections of decor are the linens which can act as a baseline for the rest of the decor. The table is often the center piece for food and conversation, often making it the centerpiece for the whole event. There are plenty of different styles of linens available to use. The shape and color of the lines is often determined by what kind of party it is. Here are some common celebrations and the types of table linens rentals one can purchase when making a linen decision.
Graduation Parties
Graduation parties are an interesting beast because of their standard structure. They are typically expensive, with some costing $983 dollars with an even 90 guests. A lot of this expense is split between furniture and food, as opposed to a slightly larger emphasis on food as it might be at a wedding or an awards banquet. Many graduation parties might need extra seating, leading to possible need for a chair cover rental. Graduation robes are typically blue and gold, so it is common to match them with darker or lighter shades of white or blue can make for a stylish look. Embroidered lines are sometimes available to add a personal touch to the event. Specialty linen isn’t always available but it’s worth checking to see if it is.
Baby Showers
Baby showers are different from graduation events in that the person of honor doesn’t usually attend! But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and colorful affairs. Choosing colors like pink, gold and peach can give the baby shower a warm and vintage look. Any pastel colors when mixed right can really add a glow to the room. Like graduation parties, these events can involve food but they don’t have to. A fun option is to ask the guests what type and color of wrapping paper they are using and pick table linens to match. This will give the entire space a thematic feel and enliven the space. As there may be a couple different tables, it’s worth it to consider switching up the tablecloth rentals for each one, creating a pattern of texture and color rather than one block setting. Parties are the spice of life and variety is the spice of a party.
Weddings are one of the more lavish affairs where the tablecloth and chair cover rentals can be mixed in fantastical ways. Some combine burlap and lace for an earthy and delicate style. Others go more airy and floral arrangements when considering table linens rentals. This lets whatever space the wedding is in breathe more than heavy cloth. Any table linens rentals that are chosen should hopefully match the walls or ceilings of the room. This is why it’s important to fully inspect the room before the event actually occurs. If the wedding is outside in the summer or spring, chevron linens can be used for a more rustic energy. During the winter, it might be advisable to choose lighter colors to contrast against the dreary, indoor season.

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