An American Fashion Love Affair How Our Demand For Fashion is Evolving

Sports jackets

We are in love with fashion! As a nation our obsession with the world of fashion has grown exponentially. American women today own a different outfit for every day of the month. Compare that to the 1930s when women owned on average just nine complete outfits. Our appetite for everything from sport shirts to designer jeans is increasing and so is our investment. Clothing and accessory sales for American e-commerce retail outlets are predicted to surpass $116 billion by 2021.

Millennials ? almost 60% of them ? love to shop, according to recent studies. In comparison 40% of adults overall said that they loved shopping. This Millennial love of shopping translates into a higher spend for that group, surpassing the dollar investment of 35 to 44-year-olds by 8%. Accessories are also in demand. Handbag sales hit over $11 billion in 2015 and women in the 18 to 45-year-old age bracket own 13 handbags on average from about seven different designers.

Our investment in how we look has an important impact on how we are perceived too. Within the first seven to 17 seconds, people make a judgement of you. According to Psychology studies more than half of that opinion is based on how you look. No wonder we value our wardrobe so. Whether we opt for sport shirts and trainers or blazers and sequinned blouses, our taste in fashion says a great deal about us and plays a role in how we are seen by those around us.

While keeping up with the trends is important, it is also vital to balance the books and keep costs down, particularly in times of economic uncertainty, and remain true to yourself. Investing in the right key pieces can help you make a good impression, save money and express yourself. Online retailers often have phenomenal deals on designer pieces or designer-inspired pieces that can form the basis of your wardrobe. A little black dress or good suit never goes out of style and good quality sport shirts combined with jeans or track suits and trainers offer a casual look that can be personalized for extra flair or dressed up for an alternative leisure look.

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