Can Spirit Wear Shirts Really Increase School Performance?

T shirts for fundraising

Do you like casual Friday’s? People generally like it when they can loosen up on the dress code a little. It helps keep up office moral. A school is not that different when it comes to encouraging pride.

This may sound odd, as although schools themselves have somewhat strict dress codes, the actual clothing tends to be fairly casual already. Therefore it is not putting on an outfit that is more comfortable that increases school spirit, but school spirit wear shirts. Schools believe that when students all have school spirit wear shirts it helps increase those student’s pride in their school.

School spirit gear is a popular item in fundraising. The average fundraiser selling a product makes about $3,100. Each year, schools raise about $1.4 billion that goes towards field trips, computer labs, athletic team uniforms, and even playground equipment. Especially in today’s world, fundraising is an important piece of school funding. School spirit wear shirts are one way of raising funds while also promoting school pride.

Apparel fundraising has a bit more longevity and practicality than some other forms of fundraising, such as selling candy bars or car washes. The simple truth is that people like T-shirts. They tend to last a long time, because a T-shirt is expected to look slightly worn, not crisp.

Principals like school spirit wear shirts. They are always looking for ways that students can feel involved with school activities. About 89% of school principals would like to increase spirit pride at their school because they feel it also increases general school achievement.

Extracurricular activities are not being fully funded, and they haven’t been for quite some time. Many parents have said they just wish we could completely do away with fundraisers all together. But the money for sports, clubs, plays, and field trips has to come from somewhere.

Part of the problem may just be that the actual product being sold needs to appear to have some value. That way, it is easier to sell, the purchaser feels they are contributing to the school, and hopefully more funds will be raised. This is why a spirit wear fundraiser might be considered a great idea, as school pride is increased right along with money for extra curricular activities. If the end result is kids enjoying their time at school more, it’s a win-win situation.

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