How Do You Attract People To Your School Event Fundraiser? Start With A Good, Old-Fashioned T-Shirt

Another day, another celebration! When your school needs to show off its pride and you’re on a deadline, knowing your resources right off the bat can save you a lot of stress.

Custom school apparel looks better than ever. That’s because you have steady access to all sorts of high-quality printing supplies for a smart cost, even when you’re short on time and have a lot of orders to process. The same goes for apparel fundraising, custom company apparel and any limited-edition treats you want to throw into the goodie bag. T-shirts are a particularly popular form of apparel because of their durability and long-term marketing impact. All people need to do is see your design in passing to have their interest piqued, after all!

Here are all the ingredients that go into making the perfect shirt!

What’s In A Shirt?

Not sure just how popular t-shirts are? Let’s look at some of the statistics and get the bigger picture. It’s estimated there are over two billion t-shirts sold around the world every year. That’s before we even get into t-shirts that are recycled or given to others as gifts! A recent study estimated over 60% of Americans claiming to own over 10 t-shirts in their wardrobe at any given point in time. When it comes to getting your class teams some extra buzz, you know the key ingredient!

How Many People Choose T-Shirts?

When you want to design school pride clothing or limited-edition apparel designs, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. When people are given the option of taking home a pamphlet, a poster or a t-shirt…they’ll go with the top every single time. That’s because they’re just as functional as they are a smart marketing tool! The average product fundraiser these days generates over $3,000 for schools and non-profit organizations. How can some custom embroidery help you achieve your goals?

Do T-Shirts Help You Raise Awareness?

When you want to raise awareness for an event or fundraiser, you can’t go wrong with fundraising clothing or school pride clothing. A study on the impact of marketing on school events found over $1 billion worth of field trips, athletic team uniforms and computer lab equipment were made possible through the aid of clever fundraising tactics. For every 1,000 fundraising e-mails sent, a non-profit organization will raise around $17. Consider how much more you can tack on with school apparel.

How Do You Create A Good Design?

What catches your eye when you look at a billboard or a sign? Is it the pleasing arrangement of colors? Perhaps you prefer the attractive logo that immediately tells you what’s being advertised. During the school year between 2005 and 2006 nine out of 10 parents purchased a product to support their local school fundraiser, thanks to a survey provided by AFRDS. A good way to make sure you’re not overlooked is to create a design that sticks in people’s minds. Keep your color schemes simple and go for a logo that’s both fun and communicative.

Should My Fundraising Ideas Include Apparel?

Custom t-shirts are smart, bold and can be used over and over again. People love to bring home a new t-shirt to wear around the house or pad out their wardrobe, making it doubly effective for constantly advertising your new school event or fundraising goals. Over 50% of those who engage with their preferred non-profit through social media have been inspired to take further action. Nearly 20% of crowdfunding donations are done on mobile devices, to boot. Imagine how much more you can do with your school pride clothing.

How can your custom apparel attract people’s attention this year?

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