How to Make a Positive Impression on Your Customers Use Quality Wholesale Custom Wine and Grocery Bags

Despite the fact that more businesses are choosing to offer reusable bags to their customers, paper and plastic ones continue to be used. Most of these bags are thrown away rather than recycled or repurposed, however. A recent survey found that plastic bags alone are only used for an average of 25 minutes before being discarded. This is usually just the amount of time it takes for someone to transport purchases to their car, home, or another destination.

Over the course of a year, the average person living within the United States will use between 350 to 500 plastic bags. This amounts to roughly 100 billion a year. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been collecting and analyzing plastic bag statistics for over ten years. During this time period, the EPA determined that only about two percent of these bags were actually recycled.

When not properly recycled, plastic bags end up in the country’s landfills and along its coastlines. When left in a landfill, it can take plastic bags as much as 1,000 years to totally degrade. When they wind up in the ocean, they have been known to dangerously disrupt the food chain. Furthermore, over ten percent of the debris that washes up along the coastlines contains plastic bags.

In addition to the issues caused by plastic bags, paper grocery bags are also a concern. This is due to their causing major deforestation. During 1999, for instance, ten billion of these bags were used in the United States. In order to produce all of these paper bags, 14 million trees needed to be cut down.

Reusable bags, however, tend to have a significant lifespan. On average, this is the equivalent of over 700 plastic disposable bags. If just one person consistently chose reusable bags over the alternatives, they would be keeping 22,000 plastic bags from entering the environment over the course of their life.

Since you want to encourage your customers to repurpose and recycle, purchasing wholesale reusable shopping bags, such as wholesale custom wine bags, is a good business practice. Furthermore, you can also enhance your customers’ experience with wholesale custom wine bags because they will last longer and are a sturdier option. When you offer your customers quality wholesale custom wine bags and grocery bags, there’s an excellent chance that they will use them again and again. Since you’ll also be making a statement about your concern for the environment, this will contribute to expanding your brand awareness and recognition as a socially-conscious business.

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