Graduation Party Season Is Just Around the Corner

The latest social media post is puzzling.

It has not been easy to plan a college graduation party for six gymnasts. The fact that one family is from Nebraska, one is from Florida, four are from Texas, and that the party is in Louisiana makes things even more complicated. Like any group that works together, there are a couple of people who are organized and actually get work done, while there are two people who make lots of plans, but never follow through.

Just when the group has finally decided on a venue, a date, and a time, the two loose cannons in the group starting talking about possible other options. Just as you made the down payment and talked about limiting the decorations to the individual and senior team member banners that had been used at the meets, one of the moms ordered two dozen Whataburger table top signs. She posted her order on the teams planning page, and the questions began. The planned menu items include pasta, two meats, two sauces, crawfish, and unlimited salads and fruit trays, but for some reason one of the mothers ordered table decorations from a popular southern hamburger joint.

A couple of the mothers in the group talked about commenting on the post, but eventually decided that they would leave well enough alone. The Whataburger ordering mom is notoriously late to everything and the rest of the group simply hopes that by the time these orange and white table toppers arrive the rest of the venue will be ready and the party will have begun. One of the moms even joked that it was likely that the unrelated fast food decorations would be forgotten at home!

Party Planning Can Often be a Source of Stress

This is the season when event and wedding planning is in full swing. From the high school and college graduation parties that are planned for the end of the school year to the month of June when the most weddings occur, it is important to make sure that you have all of the details covered will in advance. Whether you are hosting an event in one of your city’s large event spaces or you are planning a smaller gathering to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary for the immediate family, there are always many important details that need to be covered.

From the venue to the guest list to the menu, many details need to be worked out well in advance of the event. The latest research indicates that banquet halls, country clubs, and hotels are three of the most popular wedding venues. Not surprising, nearly 40% of couples are now looking for unusual venues that better reflect their personality, according to a survey from The Knot. Hosting an event outside of a traditional banquet hall, country club, or hotel brings on a whole host of other details that need to be considered.

Fortunately, with the help of the best of event and wedding planning experts, as many as 18 million events and meetings are organized in the U.S. every year, representing $280 billion in spending. Nearly 50% of women find planning their wedding more stressful than they imagined, with a reported 11 hours spent each week planning. Even if you are not planning a wedding, however, you may find that the details you need to attend to can be overwhelming as well. The solution, of course, is finding a professional event and wedding planning person to help with the details.
From Bridezillas to Mom Gradzillas, there are many ways that party planning can go off track. With the use of a professional event and wedding planning team, however, you can feel confident that your wedding, graduation or anniversary party will go off as planned.

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