When Was the Last Time You Were in Charge of Planning and Hosting a Party

A little party never killed nobody!
But those table clothes were nearly the death of you.

When you were voluntold that you were going to be helping with the set up and decorations for the college gymnastics conference banquet you were initially very excited. It meant that you and your camera had an open invitation to attend an event that you were never allowed to even see in the last three years. When the girls walked into the Mardi Gras space you were thrilled as well. The time between getting the assignment and the actual event, however, involved quite a few challenges.
The caterer arrived later than you expected; the venue was not as clean as you would have liked; and the table clothes you purchased were a little to small and kept slipping and exposing part of the table. Fortunately, one of the other moms who was helping knew to bring along some table skirting clips, so when she showed up at least one of the problems was quickly solved. Combining the other two challenges, once the decorating was over and the table clothes were fixed, the team of moms did some extra dusting and vacuuming while you waited for the caterer and the space looked great when the six college teams and their coaches arrived.

Typically not dressed up when they are together, the Mardi Gras masks, photo props, and other decorations were perfect for pictures. Out of their leotards and chalking gear, the girls were in dresses and high heels and easily spent a half of an hour taking pictures of themselves. The beads were plentiful, the costumes on display were over the top, and the emcee was hilarious. The night was a resounding success.

Successful Party Planning Requires Careful Attention to a Number of Details
From metal table skirting clips to table linens, including linen napkins, there are a number of details that can help you create the perfect party. And whether you are planning an athletic banquet for a large group of college students or you are in the middle of planning for a family wedding, understanding all of the available options can help you make the most of the money you spend and the time you invest. Even if you cannot afford to hire an event planner to do lots of the work for you, there are many tips of the trade that can still make your event look like is was planned by a professional.

Having ironed table linens, for example, can help you create a space that looks more polished and impressive. Small details like labels for all of the food and table skirt clips that keep linens in place help guests know that you took the effort to make things look as good as possible.

Although small utilitarian items like table skirting clips do not really change, that is not true of the rest of the details involving the planning of today’s receptions, weddings, and other kinds of gatherings. In fact, as many as 54% of event planners attend conferences to keep up with trends and will admit that their expertise comes from surrounding themselves with other professionals so they can share what is trending and what is no longer popular. The average party size that a caterer has is between 100 to 250 people, so it can be a pretty easy decision to hire someone to plan for the food once the guest list reaches 100. What is not always so easy, however, is knowing that you will have enough hands to get the rest of the details together. Making sure that you are starting early and at least consulting with experienced party planners, however, can help you create the event that you want. From specifically designed metal table skirting clips to Mardi Gras masks, there are plenty of ways to make your next celebration more than special!

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