How to Make Sure Your Houseware Donations Help Others

Your houseware donations can make a real difference in the life of a family in need. They can be just one way of showing military support by helping military families. They can also go towards supporting the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Gather items that are in good condition, and which you are willing to part with. This could be extra clothing that is ready to wear, and particularly career clothing, or all the sorts of houseware donations that could go to outfit a room in someone’s home. Dishes, pots, and pans are needed for the kitchen. Towels and washcloths are needed for the bathroom. You could send along baby bedding and some toys for a baby’s room.
  2. Now think outside the box. Many people think about charities that pick up clothing donations but don’t consider other houseware donations that could be just as useful. Look deeper in your house for items that you are not using, but which might be able to benefit someone else. A nice piece of jewelry, even if inexpensive, could just help someone to get a job. What about hats, gloves, boots, scarves, and mittens? These might help children and families in need to get through the winter. The children of a poor family might just be able to take part in sports because of the sports equipment that you donate. Hand tools and small power tools could also help, so look in your toolbox to see if you have extra hammers and screwdrivers. Kitchen appliances could also be helpful to families in need. Perhaps you have child-friendly dishes that your children have grown out of that you could donate . Blankets are another strategic item that are sometimes overlooked, especially if it’s not winter. What about an old bicycle that’s still in good condition? This could enable someone to get to and from work. Your old cell phones can also make a great donation, as well as extra bags and boxes that could be used to carry goods. These are all houseware donations that could be very helpful to someone else.
  3. Consider donating items small purchased items. Everyone donates gently used clothes, but most of us will not be donating any underwear or socks. These items don’t usually get a second life, but you could consider spending just a few dollars to get a packet of plain underwear or socks that could really be helpful to someone in need. Other items that you could purchase for donation include diapers, first-aid items, toilet paper, and school supplies.
  4. Prepare your items for donation. When you donate clothes and other textiles make sure that they are clean and in good repair. If you would not wear it, chances are someone else would not either. For houseware donations, make sure that all items are usable, even if a minor fix might be necessary. You’ll also help out people at the donation center if you sort your items by type. Make sure that things like shoes stay together by tying the laces to one another.
  5. Arrange for a donation pick up or drop off. Some people prefer to arrange with a charitable organization to come and get their items directly. This could be the most convenient option for you; however you may prefer to take your donations directly to a donation center so that you don’t have to wait for anyone to arrive. Either way, there will be plenty of organizations who will be happy to take your houseware donations and charitable clothing donations.

Your houseware donations and other goods can do a lot in the life of a needy person. You can enable a child to go to school. You can enable a person to dress professionally so they can hold down a job. You could make it possible for a child to take part in sports that they otherwise couldn’t afford to participate in. You could outfit a home so that is more comfortable for the people who live there. There’s a lot you can do: so let’s get doing it.

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