Mastering Farmhouse Aesthetic 101

One of the trendiest and easiest aesthetic to apply to your home is the farmhouse aesthetic. Thousands of homeowners have adopted this cute vibe over the past few years, and it you are looking to spruce up your home this spring, look no further! Farmhouse aesthetic incorporates textures like natural wood, chalkboard, and white tile to bring a rustic feeling to any room in your home. While decorators tend to focus on their kitchens or laundry rooms when using this style, any room can bring a bit of minimalistic southern charm. This video shares one decorator’s whole farmhouse aesthetic home.

Decorating is a big part of adopting this style, so get creative with your centerpieces and shelf displays. From painting their shoe rack a weathered white, to bringing amish built chicken coops into their backyards to fulfill the look, there is no limit to how country you can make your living space. Many decorators opt for minimalistic flowers and rustic paisley upholstered chairs as accents, but the choices are truly endless.

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Who knows, maybe after you redecorate this spring you will actually want to move to the country!


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