Temporary Tattoos Make Perfect Party Favors for Many Occasions

Glitter temporary tattoo options

Today’s gift giving can be a little unique. From designing custom drink coasters to fashion tattoos, many people today like to give gifts that are a perfect fit for their friends. From different types of glitter temporary tattoos for a bridal party night on the town to a set of custom drink coasters for the friends of the groom, finding the right gift is a great way to make sure that you help create lasting memories.

Although many people think about birthday parties for young children and teenagers, the fact of the matter is that these items are also increasingly popular for people in their 20s, and other young adults as well. For instance, sorority sisters across the country take thousands of photos of themselves with sparkly tattoos that help commemorate the latest event.
Bridal parties, sorority events, and holiday celebrations are all a great reason to invest in custom drink coasters and various types of temporary tattoos. Any time that you want your guests, friends, and family to remember a celebration it is important that you have custom items. From a group of friends going to an alumni football game to hundreds of people who are running in a fundraising half marathon, temporary tattoos not only let people celebrate, they help you advertise your program or event.
When Was the Last Time You Ordered Temporary Tattoos for an Event That You Are Hosting?

Getting ready to host a party or an event involves many details. Food, drinks, decorations, and invitations are important details that you want to take care of, but if you want to create something that will make for some fabulous party pictures you might also order a set of custom tattoos as well.

Temporary tattoos, as defined by the food and drug administration (FDA) are decals used to decorate any part of the body. Most kinds last between one and seven days. And while they are especially popular with children and at Halloween, temporary tattoos are a great addition to events of all kinds.
From the first Earth Day that was celebrated in 1970 to more recent Breast Cancer Surviver events, temporary tattoos are the best way to make sure that participants remember the time that they spent with their family and friends1

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