How to Choose the Best Roman Shades

Roman shades combine the softness and elegance of curtains with the convenience and easy-to-use nature of blinds. They are a beautiful window treatment option that can add privacy, insulation, and style to any room, as shown in the “What are the Different Types of Roman Shades?” video by Blindsgalore. They are available in various fabric options, colors, and styles to suit any d├ęcor.

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Roman shades can be customized to fit any window size and shape.

Roman shades have four distinct fold types: flat, hobbled, plain, and relaxed. Each fold type has its own distinct look and benefits. A plain fold is the most traditional and popular fold type. It features evenly spaced folds that are sewn into place, creating a clean, classic look.

A hobbled or looped fold features larger, looser folds that are gathered together with strings or cords. This gives the shade a softer, more organic look. A flat or tailored fold features wide, flat panels sewn together. This creates a sleek, modern look.

Relaxed Roman shades don’t have continuous splits in the fabric, which allows them to hang more naturally and creates a softer, smile-like appearance. Flat Roman shades have a continuous piece of fabric that hangs flat when fully extended, creating a clean look. They are a perfect choice for bold prints and large windows.

Roman shades are a great window treatment option for any room. They can be customized to suit any decor and window size. They will continue to set the trends in the window treatment industry.

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